7 december

10715880_10204271913869765_188952405_nWith a lot of pride and joy we’d like to invite you to yet another event hosted by Karen Tovmasjan: The Tovmasjan Championship.

After a successful team competition dubbed the ‘Tovmasjan Invitational’ we now encourage individuals to step forward and claim the title of this first edition. The Flex Cup will be the stage where the Tovmasjan Championship is held, and we call on all weightlifting enthousiasts to participate. It will be a chance for you to gain competition experience, have loads of fun and promote the sport of weightlifting at the same time. Below are some highlights

·         Individual Weightlifting competition based on weight classes and age (men: 56, 62, 69, 77, 85, 94, 105, 105+, women 48, 53, 58, 63, 69, 75, 75+)

·         No singlets or other official weightlifting clothing is required

·         Judging will be done according to ‘CrossFit’ rules, i.e. press outs are allowed.

·         Register today for as little as 25 euro by sending an e-mail to stating

·         Your full name

·         Age

·         Bodyweight

·         Contact details (e-mail, tel no and adress)

·         Weightlifting total (snatch & clean and jerk)

Registered participants

Please note, taking part as an athlete will grant you access to the rest of the Flexcup weekend as well. You can enjoy flexing muscles, gruesome metcons, strongman lifts and powerlifting competition before and after you’ve done some work yourself!


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